long tail keyword marketingRegardless of whether you’re running an affiliate website or trying to execute a cohesive content marketing strategy, you need to focus on long tail keyword marketing.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the key to success has nothing to do with the juicy, broad phrases within your niche.

While these 1-3 word search terms appear to have huge volume, they’re not you’re best bet for building a consistent traffic base.

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Why Long Tail Keyword Marketing Is Important

Focusing on the long tail when choosing your keywords is important for 3 main reasons:

  1. Higher search volume
  2. Lower competition
  3. More targeted readers

Let’s consider each in turn.

Higher Search Volume

This first reason strikes many people as odd: how is it that a more specific keyword with only a few searches per month can produce higher search volume than the keywords with tens of thousands of monthly searches?

The answer is because long tail keyword marketing isn’t just about finding a handful of keywords to promote. It’s about creating a large volume of smaller search terms as a base.

This long tail actually accounts for over 70% of total search traffic. If you can grab even a small fraction of that you’ll have more than enough traffic to meet your business’ needs.

Lower Competition

Not only is there more potential traffic available, but long tail keyword marketing also focuses on traffic is far less competitive. You’ll rank faster and more consistently by aiming for these phrases with your marketing efforts.

That means you can easily dwarf your competition by focusing on all those terms they ignore…and you may even slide into place on the big ticket terms in the process.

More Targeted Readers

Finally, long tail marketing gives you the opportunity to target users that are the ones really relevant to your business.

Whereas broad keywords attract users all over the spectrum, the long tail approach usually gives you a clear picture of exactly what the user wants to find.

This provides you with an amazing opportunity to meet the users needs, walking them through a sales process step by step until they’re ready to make a purchase.

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