start earning money blogging immediatelyIf you’ve read my earlier post on blogging income statistics, you know that the percentage of bloggers who make truly significant income from their blogs is relatively low.

Why, then, would anyone in their right mind want to start earning money blogging?

The answer is simple: it’s an easy, cheap, and powerful asset, and you can learn how to be successful easily.

Why Most People Fail

Firstly, I want to talk about the overwhelming majority of blogs that don’t earn money.

The fact is, most of these blogs just aren’t designed with a business mind. They’re either personal journals or professional opinions intended as a brand awareness, rather than lead generation tool.

Once you narrow the scope of blogs to only include those designed by individuals with the sole purpose of making money, you have a far greater percentage of “successful” blogs.

Even then, the overwhelming majority of those that fail do so not because blogging is inherently difficult, but because they give up on their blogs after only a few months.

These are individuals who are led to believe that the internet is a magic money tree that gives you immense wealth overnight.

The key to success, on the other hand, is persistence and confidence.

The Power Of Earning Money Blogging

Once you accept that making a living blogging is something that takes a solid commitment, then you can begin to see the power of what you can do.

Websites, by their very nature, are long term investments.

While that means that you won’t begin earning money tomorrow from a new site, it also means that once you do start to see revenue that income stream will remain in place for years.

You can read more on the math behind affiliate compounding here, but basically I think of it this way: Each blog post can, on average, easily earn $1 per month for a minimum of 5 years. That’s $60 per post, using conservative numbers.

You can buy posts for anything in the range of $5-40, which means that even if you pay a premium for high quality posts, there’s plenty of room to make a solid return on your investment.

This ability for blog posts to not only pay for themselves, but also to pay for future blog posts, is part of what makes blogging such an attractive asset. Read more about how compound interest works with affiliate marketing.

You’ll be able to earn as much money as you need easily. You just have to take a few months of grunt work to get it set up!

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