unbiased_affiliate_reviewsOne of the most neglected topics in affiliate marketing surrounds the act of writing unbiased affiliate reviews.

Many professional affiliates, both beginners and veterans alike, often feel compelled to produce content that actively and aggressively promotes their affiliate partners. They worry that if they do not adequately promote the product, their readers will not buy it and they will make less money from their site.

In this post I’ll discuss why writing unbiased affiliate reviews is so important to maintaining a writing style that sells.

Integrity Is Key to Trust

The first reason you should strive to keep your content unbiased is because it works wonders to build trust with your readers.

When you approach your content with a high degree of integrity, users are more likely to subscribe to your blog, join a mailing list, or download extra content. The result is that you begin to develop a relationship with this reader over time.

In the long run, this reader will come to trust your opinion and purchase other products you truly recommend.

You Choose Which Products to Recommend

Another primary reason for maintaining an unbiased approach as an affiliate is that you control the products you’re promoting.

One of my favorite aspects of working as an affiliate marketers is the fact that I have complete and total freedom over which products I recommend and how I recommend them.

The result is that I never feel obligated to promote a product I don’t personally believe in. There is always another product or service you could potentially promote, so the products you feature should always reflect your true intent.

Negative Reviews Give Credence to Positive Reviews

Have you ever been to a website where every single product mentioned was treated with unbelievable veneration? What did this do to your opinion of the site?

Incessantly arguing that each and every product is an excellent value will get you nowhere in the long run. Don’t be afraid to include negative reviews on your site, so that readers will find balance among all the promotional material and there’s even opportunities to convert negative reviews into product sales.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when creating your reviews is that your job as an affiliate is to help the reader find a good product fit. This can come in any number of forms, so feel free to be honest and unbiased when promoting your next product.