affiliate link marketing softwareLink marketing is a thing of the past.

If it’s not completely dead, it’s in it’s final throes before it finally kicks the bucket, suffering from an endless spiral of decreased importance.

There’s a great quote from Matt Cutts, with the Google search team, on this:

“The objective is not to make your links appear natural; the objective is that your links are natural.”

The Right Way To Do Affiliate Marketing

I hate to break it to you, but if you’re looking for link marketing software you’ve either been misled by a scam or found information that’s 5+ years out of date.

While there was a time when it worked, that time is long gone. Matt Cutts, the infamous Google search team leader, even writes that seemingly innocuous, conscious linking strategies like guest posting are overused and losing merit.

This is further evidence that the only real way to “win” the SEO game is to focus on creating user-relevant content.

If you can learn how to solve user problems, you will eventually be rewarded. There’s no other quick fix

Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Software You Actually Need

Using affiliate software correctly is about arming yourself with the right kind of tools.

You should use automation to help you with your research and analysis, but not the actual execution of your marketing efforts. Click here to read more about what software you need.

Two of the leading options in my opinion are AffiloJetpack, for a comprehensive solution, or Jaaxy if you want to focus only on the keyword research aspects.

If you’re interested in building a real affiliate marketing site that will become a long term business, you can follow along with this free training.

For quick fix or short-term automation, I wouldn’t waste my time.