easy_recurring_incomeAs an affiliate marketer, it is absolutely essential that you have an email list setup to work with your users.

While you can earn significant income from your website alone, converting readers into email subscribers will provide you the opportunity to generate easy recurring income from those users.

Here’s why:

Your Email List Has Interested Readers

Unlike new user traffic, which has a fairly high probability of either a) “bouncing” and clicking away from your site immediately, or b) reading one article never to return, your email list is going to be a smaller, but much stronger readership base.

Your list represents readers who are genuinely interested in your niche. They’ve already taken an action (subscribing) to show their interest, and may have even purchased a product or two. Either way, this shows intent.

Intent is your best friend when you’re promoting a new product, because it provides a clear way in which you can help the reader understand his problem better and hopefully figure out the right solution.

A Single Email Can Generate Thousands of Dollars

Once you have a site established and a sizable email list built up, it isn’t uncommon for you to be able to earn thousands of dollars from a single email.

This is because you can find relevant product opportunities that will genuinely help your subscribers. Maybe that’s an upsell to an existing free product, maybe it’s a one time discount or promotional offer they should know about, or maybe it’s just an extension to tools they probably already use. In any case, choosing the right product to promote to a dedicated audience will make your sales go through the roof.

That said, never, never, NEVER spam your email subscribers. The overwhelming majority of content you provide to your email list should be helpful, not promotional content. Focus on helping them to solve a real problem they might have, and then if (and only if) there’s a product that will legitimately help with this problem, should you recommend it.

Most people are extremely wary of email promotions, and hate being on lists that overtly sell every chance they get. Trying to send them too many offers is a surefire way to get your reader to unsubscribe.