would you invest in affiliate marketingRegardless of whether you work part time or full time, I strongly recommend that you treat your website as a business.

Thinking like a business goes far beyond the simple act of finding appropriate revenue opportunities and extends into the realm of how you treat your time and money.

Following that train of thought, in this post I have one simple question:

Would you invest in affiliate marketing?

The Thought Experiment

To answer this question, I encourage you to step back for a minute and forget about your website.

Let’s pretend you’ve got a few thousand dollars to invest, and that unless something else interesting comes along, you’re going to put that money in the stock market. You call your broker for some investment advice.

The broker tells you that he has an investment opportunity that, like most stocks, is flexible. As long as you buy a minimum of a few shares to start out with, you can buy as much or as little as you want to.

This stock, over time, has a good chance of going up in value, but it’s hard to predict exactly how much.

Instead, your broker tells you that the real reason you want to buy the stock is because the company is going to pay you good dividends.

After a year of owning the stock, the company will start to pay you 10% of your principal, every single month.

Would you buy this stock?

My Answer

If you’re like me, you’ll take a second to do some quick math and then respond with a resounding YES!

If you earn 10% on your principal monthly, it means you’ve earned back your money in just 10 months. Since there’s a 1 year “down time,” that means you’ll have earned your investment back in a little less than two years.

Every month thereafter is sheer profit, and there’s still a good chance that your stock will continue to have an underlying value that grows over time.

Invest in Affiliate Marketing
Investing in affiliate marketing is just like this hypothetical stock scenario.

You take a few months to a year to build an asset, and then that asset will pay you consistent dividends. Read more about how residual income works with affiliate marketing.

An affiliate site, like a stock, has an underlying value to it. If you’ve built a solid business out of your site you’ll probably have a few chances to sell it to other investors, but even if you never sell it then you’ll still be reaping the rewards for quite some time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make this type of investment work for you, click here.